June 2011

Highlights for High School

Go sailing! Learn all the skills you'd need to sail a Tech Dinghy.

In PE.810 Sailing, you'll see instructional videos and lecture notes, as well as a sailing instruction manual. You'll learn how to rig the boat, tie necessary knots, leave the dock, tack turns, jibe turns, and return to the dock.

Start with the video page for demonstrations of all the skills involved in sailing.

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New Cross-Disciplinary Topic: Life Sciences

New Cross-Disciplinary Topic: Life Sciences

The expansion of Life Sciences has been enormous over the last decade. Today, biological topics and tools pervade almost all disciplines in science and technology and MIT is the leader in interdisciplinary Life Sciences educational and research opportunities.

Courses in the life sciences provide the building blocks for careers in biomedical and pharmaceutical research, medicine, management, finance, intellectual property law, forensics, and bioethics to name a few.

Courses in this new cross-disciplinary list span 25 different departments at MIT.

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OCW in the News: "Tim O'Reilly On What OpenCourseWare Can Learn From the Open Source Movement"

'Tim O'Reilly On What OpenCourseWare Can Learn From the Open Source Movement'
Photo of Tim O'Reilly speaking at an MIT OpenCourseWare event.

Tim O'Reilly, founder and CEO of O'Reilly Media, was a keynote speaker at the OpenCourseWare Consortium meeting held, May 4-6, 2011 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The following is an excerpt from the article published on

O'Reilly spoke on "Perspectives on Open" and on what opencourseware and open education can learnfrom the open source movement.

The similarities between the two go beyond the shared adjective of "open." Both opencourseware and open source value the independent learner, and as O'Reilly noted, a great many people who've built the world of technology around us are self-taught. There are often no courses for those technologies, but through its publishing, conferences, and investments, O'Reilly Media has supported people who are "innovating from the edge."

The focus, says O'Reilly is on changing the world by spreading the knowledge of these innovators, focusing on that mission itself rather than on how that is actually accomplished.

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Views from Supporters

MIT OpenCourseWare supporter."I gave because I think that the better educated the world is that instead of only the few benefiting in comparison with the multitudes that don’t have access to higher education - and that only acerbates the disparity between the few rich and the billions of poor- many more will be able to access and afford this free education and help make a better world.

The disparity and imbalance in the use of basic resources to survive (and higher education is one of them) causes wars, injustices, starvation, environmental disasters, waste of resources, a non-sustainable use of basic commodities, climate change – all of the things that are ongoing problems with our planet.

Good luck with the program. It’s a winner.

-Jim, Independent Learner, USA

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