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110 million visits by 78 million visitors from virtually every country.


OCW is accessed by a broadly international population of educators and learners.

MIT OpenCourseWare averages 1 million visits each month; translations receive 500,000 more.

Visitors from all over the world use OpenCourseWare:


Our audience is divided among students, educators, and self-learners:



MIT OpenCourseWare is being successfully used for a wide range of purposes.

Use Scenario % of Use
Educators Improve personal knowledge 31%
Learn new teaching methods 23%
Incorporate OCW materials into a course 20%
Find reference material for my students 15%
Develop curriculum for my department or school 8%
Students Enhance personal knowledge 46%
Complement a current course 34%
Plan a course of study 16%
Explore areas outside my professional field 40%
Review basic concepts in my professional field 18%
Prepare for future course of study 18%
Keep current with developments in my field 17%
Complete a work-related project or task 4%


MIT OpenCourseWare has already had significant impact and visitors expect even greater impact in the future.

  • 80% of visitors rate OCW's impact as extremely positive or positive; 91% expect that level of future impact.
  • 96% of educators say the site has/will help improve courses.
  • 96% of visitors would recommend the site.


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