16.30 Estimation and Control of Aerospace Systems

As taught in: Spring 2004

Reduced degree-of-freedom helicopter apparatus.

Reduced degree-of-freedom helicopter apparatus, used during lab assignments for this course. (Image courtesy of MIT OpenCourseWare.)




Prof. Eric Feron

Prof. James Paduano

Course Features

Course Highlights

This course site features a fully downloadable classic textbook on nonlinear control systems, Multiple-Input Describing Functions and Nonlinear System Design, written by Arthur Gelb and Professor Wallace Vander Velde.

Course Description

This course focuses on the design of control systems. Topics covered include: frequency domain and state space techniques; control law design using Nyquist diagrams and Bode plots; state feedback, state estimation, and the design of dynamic control laws; and elementary analysis of nonlinearities and their impact on control design. There is extensive use of computer-aided control design tools. Applications to various aerospace systems, including navigation, guidance, and control of vehicles, are also discussed.