4.001J / 11.004J CityScope: New Orleans

As taught in: Spring 2007

Photograph of a destroyed house.

Destroyed house in the Lower Ninth Ward, New Orleans. (Image by Prof. John Fernandez.)




Prof. Cherie Abbanat

Prof. J. Phillip Thompson

Prof. John Fernandez

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This class was part of a series of new project- and experience-based classes designed to introduce freshmen to complex, real-world problems.

Course Description

Do you want to think about ways to help solve New Orleans' problems? CityScope is a project-based introduction to the contemporary city. "Problem solving in complex (urban) environments" is different than "solving complex problems." As a member of a team, you will learn to assess scenarios for the purpose of formulating social, economic and design strategies to provide humane and sustainable solutions. A visit to New Orleans is planned for spring break 2007.