4.430 Daylighting

As taught in: Fall 2006

Image of a skylight.

Daylighting can help reduce energy consumption, improve comfort and well-being, and generate aesthetical value while providing a connection to the outside. Advanced systems like this can increase the amount and control of daylight penetration. (Image by Prof. Marilyne Andersen.)




Prof. Marilyne Andersen

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Course Description

This class provides the tools necessary for an efficient integration of daylighting issues in the overall design of a building. The fundamentals of daylighting and electric lighting are introduced and their relevance to design decisions emphasized: benefits and availability of daylight, solar radiation and sun course, photometry, vision and color perception, daylighting metrics, visual and thermal comfort, electric lighting. More advanced topics are presented and practiced through the design project and homework assignments, such as primary and advanced lighting design strategies, and design and assessment tools for lighting management.