4.463 / 4.442 Building Technologies III: Building Structural Systems II

As taught in: Fall 2002

A photo of a large, arched metal superstructure above several geometric shapes.

Japanese Pavilion at Hanover Expo 2000, by Shigeru Ban and Buro Happold. (Image courtesy Nicolas Janberg of Structurae.)




Prof. John Ochsendorf

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This course addresses advanced topics in structures, exterior envelopes and contemporary production technologies. It continues the exploration of structural elements and systems; expanding to include more complex determinant, indeterminate, long-span and high-rise systems. Some of the topics covered include reinforced concrete, steel and engineered wood design, and an introduction to tensile systems. The contemporary exterior envelope is discussed with an emphasis on the classification of systems, their performance attributes and advanced manufacturing technologies. This course is the second of two graduate structures courses, the first of which is 4.462. They offer an expanded version of the content presented in the undergraduate course, 4.440.

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