20.104J / 1.081J / ESD.053J Chemicals in the Environment: Toxicology and Public Health (BE.104J)

As taught in: Spring 2005

Photo of oil sheen on river going through city.

Oil floating on the River Irwell near the Manchester UK city center. (Photo courtesy of Matt Cox.)




Prof. James Sherley

Dr. Laura Green

Prof. Steven Tannenbaum

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This course addresses the challenges of defining a relationship between exposure to environmental chemicals and human disease. Course topics include epidemiological approaches to understanding disease causation; biostatistical methods; evaluation of human exposure to chemicals, and their internal distribution, metabolism, reactions with cellular components, and biological effects; and qualitative and quantitative health risk assessment methods used in the U.S. as bases for regulatory decision-making. Throughout the term, students consider case studies of local and national interest.