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9.013J / 7.68J Cell and Molecular Neurobiology

As taught in: Spring 2008

Rotating gif of images related to neurobiology.

Image 1. Ion channel model.
Image 2. Cultured hippocampal neuron illuminated by GFP fluorescence, functional synaptic terminals labeled with FM4-64.
Image 3. Retinal axon projections in a 48 hour old zebrafish embryo.
(Images courtesy of Nathan Wilson.)




Prof. Martha Constantine-Paton

Prof. Morgan Sheng

Prof. William Quinn

Course Description

This course explores the major areas of cellular and molecular neurobiology, including excitable cells and membranes, ion channels and receptors, synaptic transmission, cell-type determination, axon guidance, neuronal cell biology, neurotrophin signaling and cell survival, synapse formation and neural plasticity. Material includes lectures and exams, and involves presentation and discussion of primary literature. It focuses on major concepts and recent advances in experimental neuroscience.