10.491 Integrated Chemical Engineering II

As taught in: Spring 2006

Illustration of a zero-emissions, coal power plant.

FutureGen is a zero-emissions, coal power plant. The plant produces electricity and hydrogen from coal (the lowest cost and most abundant domestic energy resource), while storing the carbon dioxide in geologic formations such as oil and gas reservoirs, unmineable coal seams, and deep saline reservoirs. (Image courtesy of the U. S. Department of Energy.)




Prof. Gregory McRae

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Course Description

This course introduces students to methods and background needed for the conceptual design of continuously operating chemical plants. Particular attention is paid to the use of process modeling tools such as Aspen that are used in industry and to problems of current interest. Each student team is assigned to evaluate and design a different technology and prepare a final design report.

For spring 2006, the theme of the course is to design technologies for lowering the emissions of climatically active gases from processes that use coal as the primary fuel.