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5.069 Crystal Structure Analysis

As taught in: Spring 2010

Molecular model of amino acid tyrosine overlaid on photograph of xray diffractometer.

Molecular model of the amino acid tyrosine with experimental electron density in front of an X-ray diffractometer at MIT. The tyrosine is part of the crystal structure of phosphoglycerate mutase from M. tuberculosis. See Mueller, P., et al. Acta Cryst D61 (2005): 309-315. (Figure and photograph by Dr. Peter Mueller.)




Dr. Peter Mueller

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This course covers the following topics: X-ray diffraction: symmetry, space groups, geometry of diffraction, structure factors, phase problem, direct methods, Patterson methods, electron density maps, structure refinement, how to grow good crystals, powder methods, limits of X-ray diffraction methods, and structure data bases.

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