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1.011 Project Evaluation

As taught in: Spring 2005

A photograph of South Station, Boston.

Boston's South Station under renovation, from the student project "South Station Transportation Center in Boston" in the projects section. (Photo courtesy of Will Fowler.)




Dr. Carl Martland

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1.011 examines methodologies for evaluating civil engineering projects, which typically are large-scale, long-lived projects involving many economic, financial, social, and environmental factors. Topics covered include: basic techniques of engineering economics including net present value analysis, life-cycle costing, benefit-cost analysis, and other approaches to project evaluation; resource and cost estimation procedures appropriate for large-scale infrastructure systems; and incorporating service quality, risk, environmental impacts, and other factors within the evaluation process. Examples are drawn from building design and construction, transportation systems, urban development, environmental projects, water resource management, and other elements of both the public and private infrastructure.