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1.018J / 7.30J Ecology I: The Earth System

As taught in: Fall 2009

Satellite image of the Earth.

Ecology is the study of the structure and function of living systems. (Photograph courtesy of




Prof. Edward DeLong

Prof. Penny Chisholm

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We will cover fundamentals of ecology, considering Earth as an integrated dynamic system. Topics include coevolution of the biosphere, geosphere, atmosphere and oceans; photosynthesis and respiration; the hydrologic, carbon and nitrogen cycles. We will examine the flow of energy and materials through ecosystems; regulation of the distribution and abundance of organisms; structure and function of ecosystems, including evolution and natural selection; metabolic diversity; productivity; trophic dynamics; models of population growth, competition, mutualism and predation. This course is designated as Communication-Intensive; instruction and practice in oral and written communication provided. Biology is a recommended prerequisite.