6.243J / 2.156J / 16.337J Dynamics of Nonlinear Systems

As taught in: Fall 2003

A photo of an CV-22 Osprey in rotorcraft mode, hovering above the ground.

A CV-22 Osprey, which operates in both rotorcraft and fixed-wing configurations. The complex transition between the two states presents unique control challenges. (Image is taken from U.S. Air Force Web site.)




Prof. Alexandre Megretski

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Course Description

This course provides an introduction to nonlinear deterministic dynamical systems. Topics covered include: nonlinear ordinary differential equations; planar autonomous systems; fundamental theory: Picard iteration, contraction mapping theorem, and Bellman-Gronwall lemma; stability of equilibria by Lyapunov's first and second methods; feedback linearization; and application to nonlinear circuits and control systems.

Technical Requirements

MATLAB® software is required to run the .m files found on this course site.

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