HST.525J / 10.548J Tumor Pathophysiology and Transport Phenomena

As taught in: Fall 2005

Lab rat with tumor visualization window apparatus on its back.

This tumor visualization window allows scientists to gain insight into the physiological barriers against cancer treatments. (Figure by MIT OpenCourseWare, after Dr. Rakesh Jain.)




Dr. Rakesh Jain
(Course Director)

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Course Description

Tumor pathophysiology plays a central role in the growth, invasion, metastasis and treatment of solid tumors. This class applies principles of transport phenomena to develop a systems-level, quantitative understanding of angiogenesis, blood flow and microcirculation, metabolism and microenvironment, transport and binding of small and large molecules, movement of cancer and immune cells, metastatic process, and treatment response.

Additional Faculty

Dr. Pat D'Amore

Dr. Dan Duda

Dr. Robert Langer

Prof. Robert Weinberg

Dr. Marsha Moses

Dr. Raghu Kalluri

Dr. Lance Munn