22.56J / 2.761J / 20.483J / HST.561J / 9.173J Noninvasive Imaging in Biology and Medicine

As taught in: Fall 2005

MRI image of a human head

MRI is commonly used in radiology to visualize detailed internal structure and limited function of the body.National Institutes of Health.




Prof. Alan Jasanoff

Course Description

22.56J aims to give graduate students and advanced undergraduates background in the theory and application of noninvasive imaging methods to biology and medicine, with emphasis on neuroimaging. The course focuses on the modalities most frequently used in scientific research (X-ray CT, PET/SPECT, MRI, and optical imaging), and includes discussion of molecular imaging approaches used in conjunction with these scanning methods. Lectures by the professor will be supplemented by in-class discussions of problems in research, and hands-on demonstrations of imaging systems.