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Updated within the past 180 days

Course # Course Title Term
SP.235 Chemistry of Sports Spring 2009
SP.236 Exploring Pharmacology Spring 2009
SP.240 Composing Your Life: Exploration of Self through Visual Arts and Writing Spring 2006
SP.242 Gender Issues in Academics and Academia Spring 2004
SP.246 Current Events and Social Issues Fall 2004
SP.251 PE for ME Spring 2005
SP.253 AIDS and Poverty in Africa Spring 2005
SP.255 Physics of Rock Climbing Spring 2006
SP.256 The Coming Years Spring 2008
SP.258 Gödel, Escher, Bach Spring 2007
SP.259 Information and Communication Technology in Africa Spring 2006
SP.260 Women's Novels: A Weekly Book Club Spring 2006
SP.261 Poetry in Translation Spring 2006
SP.268 The Mathematics in Toys and Games Spring 2010
SP.269 Passing: Flexibility in Race and Gender Spring 2009
SP.272 Culture Tech Spring 2003
SP.287 Kitchen Chemistry Spring 2009
SP.291 Learning Seminar: Experiments in Education Spring 2003
SP.292 Writing Workshop Spring 2008
SP.293 Lego Robotics Spring 2007
SP.298 Art of Color Spring 2005
SP.2H3 Ancient Philosophy and Mathematics Fall 2009
SP.322 Prohibition and Permission Spring 2007
SP.400 Special Topics in Women & Gender Studies Seminar: Latina Women's Voices Spring 2010
SP.401 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies Fall 2010
SP.401 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies Spring 2009
SP.406 Sexual and Gender Identities Fall 2010
SP.412J Feminist Political Thought Fall 2000
SP.414 Gender and Media Studies: Women and the Media Fall 2008
SP.430 Literary Interpretation: Virginia Woolf's Shakespeare Spring 2001
SP.454J Identity and Difference Spring 2010
SP.455J Gender, Sexuality, and Society Spring 2006
SP.456J The Contemporary American Family Spring 2004
SP.457J Gender, Power, and International Development Fall 2003
SP.459J Women in South Asia from 1800 to Present Fall 2006
SP.461J International Women's Voices Spring 2004
SP.484J The Anthropology of Computing Fall 2004
SP.492 Popular Culture and Narrative: Literature, Comics, and Culture Fall 2010
SP.492 Popular Narrative: Masterminds Fall 2004
SP.493 Media in Cultural Context: Popular Readerships Fall 2007
SP.510J Literary Interpretation: Literature and Urban Experience Spring 2009
SP.512 Major Authors: John Milton Spring 2008
SP.512 Major Authors: After the Masterpiece: Novels by Melville, Twain, Faulkner, and Morrison Fall 2006
SP.512 Major Authors: Melville and Morrison Fall 2003
SP.514 Medieval Literature: Medieval Women Writers Spring 2004
SP.517 American Authors: American Women Authors Spring 2003
SP.518J Race and Identity in American Literature: Keepin' it Real Fake Spring 2007
SP.575J Writing About Race: Narratives of Multiraciality Fall 2008
SP.575J Writing About Race Spring 2007
SP.576 Advanced Essay Workshop Spring 2008
SP.591J Traditions in American Concert Dance: Gender and Autobiography Spring 2008
SP.595 Theater and Cultural Diversity in the U.S. Spring 2008
SP.601J Feminist Political Thought Spring 2010
SP.601J Feminist Theory Spring 2008
SP.603J Race and Gender in Asian America Spring 2006
SP.607J Gender and the Law in U.S. History Spring 2004
SP.608J Cultural Performances of Asia Fall 2005
SP.610J The Economic History of Work and Family Spring 2005
SP.620J Medicine, Religion and Politics in Africa and the African Diaspora Spring 2005
SP.621J Violence, Human Rights, and Justice Fall 2004
SP.622J Dilemmas in Bio-Medical Ethics: Playing God or Doing Good? Spring 2005
SP.713 Recreate Experiments from History: Inform the Future from the Past: Galileo January IAP 2010
SP.716 NextLab I: Designing Mobile Technologies for the Next Billion Users Fall 2008
SP.721 D-Lab: Development, Dialogue and Delivery Fall 2004
SP.722 D-Lab: Development, Design and Dissemination Spring 2005
SP.723 D-Lab: Disseminating Innovations for the Common Good Spring 2007
SP.724 Prototypes to Products Fall 2005
SP.725 D-Lab: Medical Technologies for the Developing World Spring 2010
SP.733 Special Topics at Edgerton Center:Developing World Prosthetics Spring 2010
SP.764 Practical Electronics Fall 2004
SP.765 Practical Electronics Fall 2004
SP.769 Photovoltaic Solar Energy Systems Fall 2004
SP.772 Internet Technology in Local and Global Communities Spring 2005
SP.776 Design for Demining Spring 2007
SP.777 Water Jet Technologies Spring 2005
SP.784 Wheelchair Design in Developing Countries Spring 2009
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